Akciğer kanseri hakkında önemli bilgiler

What is lung cancer and why does it occur? What types of lung cancers are there?

akciğer kanserinin belirtileri

What are the symptoms of lung cancer? What needs to be done when these symptoms occur?

akciğer kanseri teşhisi nasıl koyulur

What methods are used in diagnosing lung cancer, and how is the diagnosis made? What is to be done after lung cancer diagnosis?

akciğer kanseri tedavi yöntemleri

What are the treatment methods? Which treatment is administered at each stage? How long does the treatment take?

 Dear patients and relatives,

We have prepared this website to give you an insight on lung cancer and modern surgical techniques.

We will continue to stand by your side during your treatment with our academic staff and cutting edge technology.

Prof.Dr. Semih HalezeroğluProf.Dr. Semih Halezeroğlu

Acıbadem University School of Medicine
Head of Department of Thoracic Surgery

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The transition from traditional 3 incision (port) VATS surgeries to single entry (port) application was a big leap forward. Now, even a major surgical procedure like lung cancer can be carried out by single port VATS. Click for detailed information on SINGLE PORT VATS.

““We were deeply concerned for our father’s surgery. Fortunetely, everything went uneventfully. Endless thanks to our doctor and his team.””
B.D & S.D

Please visit the Q&A section for more information about Lung Cancer and surgeries by Single Port VATS method.